pH Regulator

Spreader Adhesive

Quality of natural waters varies depending on the nature of the land where the water source is located. Rainfall waters can reach surface waters and underground waters (well water). Well waters are generally of high pH and hard character. Fertilizers and pesticides are usually prepared with well water. The deterioration times of pesticides and fertilizers prepared with such waters are accelerated and the effect time is shortened. Adjusting the pH of the waters to eliminate this situation; stiffness is required. Reaction pH regulator solves these problems and provides better results from agricultural production. Reaction pH regulator; allows pesticides to take effect in the expected time; It increases the yield by contributing to the easier removal of fertilizers. Bringing the pH of the spraying water to the range of 5.5-6.5; It is the most economical and easiest way to get the best results from pesticides.

Usage Advice

In general, it can be used in many plants at a dose of 250 m/da from the leaf or between 1000 lt water drip irrigation systems and 10-20 lt/ha.

Storage Status

In its original packaging, with the mouth tightly closed, away from food; in a place where children and animals cannot reach; It should be stored under lock and key in a cool and dry environment not exposed to direct sunlight.

Considerations When Using and Storing

It should be stored away in a cool and dry environment without sun exposure.

Company Statement

Company; In case the product is manufactured in accordance with the specified chemical composition and is used within the conditions specified on the label; It guarantees compliance with the written recommendations. From the wrong application of the product; damage that may occur due to timely use and improper storage; loss and all responsibility belongs to the user.